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The types of insurance fraud insurance companies might face

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2023 | Personal Injury Defense

Car insurance fraud is a growing problem that impacts the bottom line of every insurance company. It results in higher premiums for policyholders and drains resources from insurance companies. Understanding the types of car insurance fraud can help insurance companies take effective action to prevent it.

Fraud is not always easy to detect, but insurance companies that are aware of the common types of fraud can implement measures to identify fraudulent claims.

Claim fraud

Claim fraud involves policyholders providing false or misleading information when submitting a claim. One type of claim fraud is exaggerating damages or injuries. Here, a policyholder might inflate the cost of repairs or claim they have suffered more severe injuries than they actually have to receive a higher payout.

Another type of claim fraud involves staged accidents. In these scenarios, drivers deliberately cause an accident or make it look like an accident has occurred to submit fraudulent claims.

Fake theft is another form of claim fraud where policyholders report their vehicle stolen when it is not, aiming to collect the insurance money while they still have the vehicle.

Application fraud

Application fraud occurs when individuals provide incorrect information when applying for an insurance policy. This can include misrepresenting vehicle details such as its age, mileage or condition to lower the premiums. They may also lie about their driving record, such as hiding previous accidents or traffic violations, to present themselves as lower-risk drivers.

Another common form of application fraud is providing false address information. A policyholder might provide an address from a region with lower crime rates or fewer accidents to reduce their insurance premium.

By staying vigilant and proactively looking for signs of fraud, insurance companies can effectively mitigate the impact of car insurance fraud.