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A Sustained Focus On Dental Malpractice Defense

Dental malpractice defense is a very select legal practice area. Few law firms have handled one case related to dental malpractice, let alone a substantial number of them. At The Law Offices of Henry Schwartz, however, our attorneys have successfully defended hundreds of dentists and other professionals from allegations of wrongdoing.

Defending dental practitioners is one of our primary areas of practice. As a result, our lawyers have an extraordinarily broad and deep knowledge of the dental industry, dental liability insurance and other complexities within the industry. Some of the matters they handle include:

We understand the importance of delivering swift solutions that prevent loss and keep you in your career. Although this time may be frightening, you can feel reassured knowing that we are defending you.

The Litigation Experience To Protect You

Our lawyers bring a combination of complex civil litigation experience and medical malpractice discovery knowledge to construct a clear, persuasive defense. They chip away at accusations of liability, causation and damages through a variety of techniques. We are known for our attorneys’ successes at trial.

With that said, however, our lawyers also know how to collaborate with our clients to present solutions that can prevent the case from ever reaching trial. From case dismissals to creative alternative settlement resolutions offered during negotiations, the strategies our attorneys develop and deploy respect your time and money and seek to protect your interests at every stage of the legal process.

Close Collaboration With Insurance Providers

Our attorneys also work closely with insurance companies and in-house counsel to protect them from losses and protect their clients’ rights. Our lawyers’ professionalism has earned us a positive reputation within the industry, and many clients come to us as referrals. In addition to representing individual practitioners and dental practices, our team can also represent insurance providers in civil claims.

Access Our Experienced Defense Attorneys Immediately

Your career as a dental professional is far too valuable to leave to anyone but the lawyers of The Law Offices of Henry Schwartz. When you need their assistance, contact our New York City law office to schedule a consultation. You can reach us at 718-635-9410 or you can send us an email.