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Signs that a personal injury claim is fraudulent

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2023 | Personal Injury Defense

When someone claims that another caused an injury, you want to ensure that you have covered all the bases in investigating those allegations. People may file false personal injury claims under false pretenses merely to recover money.

Learning how to spot a fraudulent personal injury claim can help save your company time and money in the long run.

Do the injuries not fit the accident?

While no two accidents are equal, some may give rise to more rates of injuries than others. A plaintiff involved in a low-impact, low or no-damage crash may not have the level of injuries claimed.

Are there voluminous medical records for the injury?

Some soft tissue damage is difficult to detect in imaging studies, primarily because of the microscopic tears that may lead to pain. Some claimants visit multiple care centers and providers in an effort to receive either confirmation of their soft tissue injury or another diagnosis altogether.

Is the claimant ready to settle early on?

When a claimant has a valid claim, he or she may not want to settle for the first offer, if at all. However, someone who is filing a fraudulent claim may ask for a quick settlement. This should raise a red flag.

Does the account of events change?

A claimant who is making a fraudulent claim may change his or her story multiple times. Details may become fuzzy or vague, and injuries may change in intensity or location.

When a person files a fraudulent personal injury claim, it may take resources away from those with valid claims.