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Birth trauma and false allegations of malpractice

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2023 | Personal Injury Defense

If you work in the medical field and face false allegations of wrongdoing, it is important to understand how these accusations could affect your life. For example, you could lose your job, face financial repercussions, have high levels of stress and suffer a damaged reputation. In addition, these allegations can also impact insurance carriers, and it is essential to protect your interests if you worry about the outcome of litigation due to birth trauma.

Whether an injury during birth affects a mother or her child, it is essential to carefully evaluate the details surrounding the incident and gather as much evidence as possible.

Data on birth trauma

The National Library of Medicine goes over various examples of birth trauma. Some trauma resolves without intervention, such as scalp swelling due to caput succedaneum and cephalohematoma, which occurs in as many as 2.5% of deliveries. However, skull fractures and hemorrhages can have serious consequences and may require surgical intervention.

Out of every 1,000 live births, facial nerve injuries occur in as many as 10 births, brachial plexus injuries can arise in 2.5 deliveries and skeletal injuries can impact up to 15 newborns.

Birth trauma and the use of vacuums and forceps

Difficult vaginal deliveries sometimes require the use of vacuums or forceps, and these instruments are often associated with birth trauma. However, birth trauma can occur for a wide variety of reasons, and even though some people place blame on medical professionals, injuries can arise for a variety of reasons (such as a mother’s small stature, macrosomia and prolonged labor).

In the wake of a claim due to birth trauma, it is pivotal to thoroughly assess your options and the unique details surrounding the case.